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:star: I recommend you checking out my favs, awesomeness! :star:

Just curios, which team are you on? ;P 

157 deviants said USUK / UKUS :giggle:
52 deviants said RusAme / AmeRus :love:


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There's a first time for everything XD

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 3, 2015, 7:11 PM

So, hahaha, I just got my deviation removed for the first time! Got a note from dA and all 8-)

Remember that dev of Eren with no pants on? Sorry if I don't reply to your comment in that dev anymore, I can't see them now. Although I think it's removed for good, I just want to let you know I didn't delete it myself :shrug:

As not to waste the journal space, I'll answer some tag questions! :heart:

Tagged by 123lol4eva
1. What are you most grateful for in life? --> Life itself :worship:
2. If you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? --> In bed :shrug:
3. Which anime/cartoon/whatever show/movie would you want to be real? --> Death Note :evillaugh:
4. Do you prefer le potatoes or le pasta (PASTA PASTA PAASTTAAAA//shot) --> Pasta!!!!! :la:
5. Would you rather sitting in a really small area, listening to nothing but JB's songs or keep hearing arguments and seeing colours everywhere on that blue/black white/gold dress or just listen to Nyan cat for 100 hours straight? --> None of them, maybe? ^^;
6. DO YOU WANT THE DANK MEMES//shot Okay okay Imma be serious then .3. Imagine yourself as a fictional character from any book/anime/cartoon. What character would you be? --> A princess~ :giggle:
7. what pairings do you ship? --> So... many!!!! :faint:
8. Opinion of me when we first met/talked?? --> You must be young :XD:
9. What would 10 year old you say to the now you? --> Can I play with you? :blush: 

Tagged by :iconshorimatsudai:
1. WHat kind of video games do you prefer? --> RPG, single player :shrug:
2. If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be? --> The Vampire Armand :love:
3. What was the last thing you..DRANK? --> Coffee... :coffeecup:
4. Prefer to be alone or with friends? --> Both! :nod:
5. Favourite food? --> Pasta!!! :la:
6. Played any good pranks on anyone? --> Nope, not a prankster :paranoid:
7. What was it? --> I didn't do it! :O_o:
8. If you had to lose any of your senses, what would it be? --> NO!!!! :noes:
9. WHat did you eat this morning? --> Cereals... :chew:
10. Why do you like Deviantart? --> I got to show my art, of course =D

10 Fact about me, if I really have to do it :hmm:
I'm a morning person, I can't start a day without coffee, I can cook food but not dessert,
I haven't drawn enough lately, I spend too much on anime goods, I love BL/Yaoi stuff,  
I love vocaloid songs, I don't wear watch, I still have pen friends, I'm not tagging anyone :)

And that's all for today ~ :star: 

  • Mood: Sociable


Drawing is fun
Fanart is fun
Drawing fanart is very fun~

P.S. I :heart: Hetalia


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No problem! I do really like your art and style!
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